Angels are spirits; you cannot see them unless God opens your eyes. Spirits operate without hindrance, without barriers.

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Heb 12:29 records “For our God Is a consuming fire”. Here is God’s description, which is his composition too. If God is made of fire, what are you supposed to be made of? Are you supposed to be made of water? Because lion begat lion, if God is a consuming fire you are supposed to be a consuming fire equally. The
greatest thing God can give to you when you come to his presence is not houses and breakthroughs, it is not even healing, the greatest thing God can give you is Himself. If God says, “Go with me, go with my personality, take my presence with you, take my personality with you, I dash it to you” the greatest thing you can receive is for God to share with you what makes Him God, to share His glory with you, his presence, and His personality.


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